1. Ssdeep Ruby Bindings

    As I couldn't find any ruby bindings for ssdeep, I decided to write it as my first ruby extension today ... :)

    Installation (prerequisites)

    You first need to compile/install the ssdeep library. On debian testing:

    $ apt-get install ssdeep

    On other Linuxes/Unixes:

    $ wget http://sourceforge.net/projects/ssdeep/files/ssdeep-2 ...
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  2. Welcome to Denmark !

    For the ones who were wondering, this blog is not dead, I just had some changes in my life ...

    After traveling a month in China, I moved to Copenhagen ... And I am still unpacking all my stuff and wondering how I will be able to put everything in our new ...

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  3. x86 calling conventions

    This is the first article of a (I hope) long series of articles about 'The Basics: What everyone should know about' :)

    The calling convention defines the way a function or a piece of code should arrange data before calling a function, and what to do after. It responds to questions ...

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