Ssdeep Ruby Bindings

As I couldn't find any ruby bindings for ssdeep, I decided to write it as my first ruby extension today ... :)

Installation (prerequisites)

You first need to compile/install the ssdeep library. On debian testing:

$ apt-get install ssdeep

On other Linuxes/Unixes:

$ wget
$ tar zxvf ssdeep-2.4.tar.gz
$ cd ssdeep-2.4/
$ ./configure --prefix=/opt
$ make
$ sudo make install

On windows:

$ There is no real shell, and I will not make screen-shots... ;)

Installation (the real one)

To install it using rubygems:

$ gem install ssdeep

To install it using rubygems with a non standard ssdeep installatoin path:

$ gem install ssdeep -- --with-ssdeep-dir=/path/to/ssdeep


The bindings follow the ssdeep APIs: (for extended information on this functions, check the ssdeep API doc.)

  • fuzzy_compare("3:qGOvn:qRn", "3:Wv:Wv"): Compare two fuzzy hashes.
  • fuzzy_hash_buf("data"): return the fuzzy hash of the data buffer.
  • fuzzy_hash_filename("/path/to/file"): return the fuzzy hash of the file

fuzzy_hash_file isn't implemented. Here is a little usage example :

require 'ssdeep'
# Fuzzy hash a buffer's content
hash1 = Ssdeep.fuzzy_hash_buf("This string contains the data of first file :)")
# Fuzzy hash the content of the file '/path/to/file'
hash2 = Ssdeep.fuzzy_hash_filename("/path/to/file")
# Compare the 2 hashes, a value between 0 (no match) and 100 (full match) is returned
Ssdeep.fuzzy_compare(hash1, hash2)

Et voilĂ  :)

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